Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League’s Letter to WAYU

Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League’s Letter to WAYU

To Executive committee of World Anti-Imperialist Youth Union,

Dear comrades,

We have a precious opportunity to extend our thanks for your solidarity and the highest international greetings to the 9th Congress of K im Il Sung Socialist Youth League.

The congress has set up a new milestone for the development of the Korean youth movement and youth league and constituted a landmark event to declare home and abroad the indomitable willingness of all the Korean youth to speed up the building of the socialist power while smashing the moves of world imperialists who have run a muck to block our advance.

Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League continued to secure genuine international justice and realize the cause of global independence by strengthening unity and cooperation under the unfurled banner of antiimperialist independence with the progressive young peoples of the world, who champion independence.

Comradely regards

Central Committee of Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League

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