“Chemical” Lies Cannot Defeat Syria

“Chemical” Lies Cannot Defeat Syria


The U.S. imperialism and Israel zionism, along with their French and Saudi allies, once again appealed to lies as a last resort when they realize their defeat.

The same old lies served as pretext for the Iraq invasion that claimed above one million lives is on stage again. They made a fuss by the videos and reports of the notorious spy gang called “White Helmets” whose relation with CIA is loud. Consequently, Israeli aircrafts hit Syrian bases by violating international laws. Their aim without a doubt is to stop the prevailing march of Syrian army towards terrorism through the lie that “they use chemical weapons on civilians” and to wind those terrorist groups on the field that they back up.

The whole world knows that they lie. Syria resists the siege heroically. Their “chemical” lies won’t effect. The Syrian people and army who are fighting under the leadership of Bashar al-Assad will prevail.

We, as the anti-imperialist youth of the world, condemn American, Israeli, French and Saudi aggression on Syria and announce that we stand in solidarity with the righteous cause of Syrian people.

WAYU Executive Committee

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