The Victory Will Be The Fighting Syrian People’s

The Victory Will Be The Fighting Syrian People’s


We heard the news on 14th April 2018 at night that the armed forces of the U.S. started to bombard the Syria Arab Republic capital Damascus. The bombardment aroused burst of anger among all the world youth. Our anti-imperialist anger is stronger than those bombs. At that night, the hearts of each youth who is a member of the World Anti-imperialist Youth Union beat with Syrian people. Because we are aware of this plain truth: This bombardment is a bloody move to punish Syrian people who are defending their homeland for 6 years resolutely.


The tumults which are initiated in order to divide Syrian Arab Republic and destroy its secular and unitary structure in 2011 were represented by the West as innocent democratic demonstrations to world public opinion. Just as those in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, these protests were not signs of pursuit of “democracy” but of division and destruction. However, the Syrian people started to resist under the leadership of Bashar al-Assad and defeated the U.S.-backed terrorist organizations. The Syrian government who defended their territorial integrity and national unity by sacrificing hundreds of thousands lives for 6 years become a leading example for all awakening West Asian nations. The process of defeat and downfall for imperialism is started with the determination of Syrian government and the sacrifice of Syrian people. The sudden U.S. decision of bombardment is an extension of the aim of punishing Syria as a result of this process. Nevertheless, this U.S. action cannot become a veil of their inevitable defeat.


From Korea to Vietnam, from Laos to Cambodia, from Iraq to Yemen, all imperialist attempts to invade ended up with defeat. The Syrian campaign of the U.S. shared the same fate. We, the anti-imperialist youth of the world, stand alongside with Syrian people and government. No weapon whatsoever is superior to the will of people to live independent. The glorious resistance of Syria is a concrete evidence of this dictum. We announce hereby that insofar as the U.S. doesn’t keep its bloody hands off Syria there will be no peace in the region. Peace becomes possible only on the basis of the demand of states to be independent and the demand of nations to be emancipated.

We are at the closest point to independence and emancipation. The defeat of imperialism will be the emancipation of peoples. The bombardment on Syria is but a sign of the defeat of imperialism.

Long live the glorious resistance of Syrian people and government!

Down with American imperialism!

WAYU Executive Committee

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