The Constitution of World Anti Imperialist Youth Union

Name, Symbol, Definition and Languages

Section 1:
The name of this organisation shall be known World Anti Imperialist Youth Union
The headquarter of the World Anti Imperialist Youth Union shall be located in the country which is assigned for the office of secretary general.
World Anti Imperialist Youth Union is a roof organisation consisting of national anti imperialist youth unions all over the world
Official language of the World Anti Imperialist Youth Union is English.


Section 2:
Fellowship; all nations and communities fighting against imperialism are fellows. We are uniting with solutions we produced or will produce against the devastation in the world of disadvantaged nations that this imperialist-capitalist system caused.
Anti-imperialism; we will hinder aggressive policies of imperialism which led by USA, Zionist Israel and EU the first place. We will put a stop to imperialism and its extents obscurantism and terrorism which our nations are driven into. We won’t let our homelands to be separated. Major axis of our union is anti-imperialism.
Union; union requires administration of fellowship, solidarity and common action. We will carry our union to an organised political power. The youth will be constructing an anti-imperialist union based on fellowship.
We are the young people who fight against system imperialist, aim to save our own cultures that being drawn apart from us by cultural imperialism and take them further to defend common heritage. We will build the future’s culture by performing studies demanded by cultural, artistic, educational (etc.) development.


Section 3:
All youth organisations that desire to work with the platform and acknowledge its principles will be affiliated by the consent of executive committee.

Dropping Out

Section 4:
Organisations that desire to drop out are under the obligation of officially notifying the executive committee in print.

Membership Cancellation

Section 5:
Memberships of organisations that do not follow the objectives or violate the principles could be cancelled by proposal of at least 1/5 and acceptance of at least 2/3 of general assembly.

Bylaws Change

Section 6:
Proposal to change the bylaws could be presented to general assembly in print by at least 1/5 of its members.
Bylaw change could be accepted by at least 2/3 of its present members’ votes.

General Council

Section 7:
Every organisation which is a member of the platform is a member of general council.
Three delegates from every organisation attend general council meeting. These delegates are reported to secretariat 15 days before the meeting.
General council congregates once in 2 years by last term secretariat’s hosting.
Early meeting of general council is decided with the majority of the number of members of executive council. This decision is reported to members of general council at latest 1 month before the meeting.
Council committee including 4 people who are chosen by members of the meeting leads the general council meeting.
General council checks other parts of the platform and can inhibit from their duty if it is necessary.
Decisions of general council are made by votes of majority of members except special conditions. Type of voting is open voting.

Duties of General Council

To choose the parts of the platform.
To change the rules of the platform.
To discuss the reports of executive council and discharge of executive council.
To repeal the platform.
To analyse the other suggestions of executive council and making conclusion.

Spokesman of the Term

Section 8:
Spokesman of the Term represents the platform in international area.
Members of executive council who are not from secretariat are charged according to alphabetical order once in 6 months.
Spokesman of the Term and secretariat are coordinate with each other.


Section 9:
Secretariat is charged by majority of the members of general council meeting. Secretariat works for 2 years.
It is in the realm of authority of executive council if work time of secretariat is prolonged, the organisation leads the secretariat left the platform or there is a need to cancel the secretariat before its work time is over.

Duties of Secretariat

To make coordination between the organisations which are members of the platform.
To plan activities and works and follow them.
To communicate with anti imperialist youth organisations worldwide and evaluate the attendance of the platform.

Executive Council

Section 10:
Executive council consists of seven members including secretariat. Six members who take most votes from general council and secretariat generate the executive council. It can work until the next general council. Number of members of executive council can be increased or decreased if it is necessary.

Duties of Executive Council

To apply the decisions which are made in general council.
To make every kind of decision to make the purposes of the platform real.
Executive council can make commissions about law, arts, culture, economics, security, education if it is necessary. Members and duties of these commissions are determined by executive council. Commissions work under control of executive council. Executive council can cancel these commissions if it is necessary.
To make financial plans and apply them.

Supervising Council

Section 11:
Supervising council consist of five members who take most votes from general council. The one who takes most votes leads the council.
Duties of Supervising Council
To check suitability of studies running by executive council to basic principles of the platform.
To check the suitability of studies running by executive council to standing rule.
To report infringements about principles and rules to general council.

Cancellation of Platform

Section 12:
Proposal of cancellation of platform is presented with written proposals of 3/5 of its members.
Decision of cancellation of platform is made with 4/5 of its members.

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