Cooperation with Iran Against Separatist and Reactionary Terrorism

Cooperation with Iran Against Separatist and Reactionary Terrorism

World Anti-Imperialist Youth Union visited Tehran, the capital of Iran after their visit to Syria and Lebanon.

Representative of the Youth Union of Turkey, Cagdas CENGİZ; representatives of Lebanon Hezbollah, Yousef Najib BESSAM, Houssein Jaafar NASE and Ahmad  Nemer MEHANNA; representative of Toilers League of Lebanon, Ziad AMINE; representative of Eurasia Youth Union, Andrew KOVALENKO and the Secretary General of WAYU, Elif ILHAMOGLU met important names in Tehran between the 1-5 August.

Secretary General of the Union, Elif ILHAMOGLU stated the aim of their visit as “strengthening the international youth solidarity against imperialism”

Youth must go one step forward!

The first meeting took place in Oppressed World Federation, which is the international wing of Basij, one of the most widespread civil commotions in Iran.

How the cooperation will be managed with countries, which fight against imperialism such as Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Venezuela, was concretely discussed and the roles of US-backed terrorist organizations in the region such as ISIS and PKK were also mentioned.

At the end of that meeting, WAYU had been invited to an international event, which will take place in Iran at the end of September.

The Chairman of the Oppressed World Federation, Sayyed Ali Abbasi, pointed the role of youth in their struggle and stated that the youth should go one step forward.

America! Seytan’ul akbar!

The second meeting took place in the Nur Strategic Research Center, which has major effect on the Iran’s foreign policy. During the meeting, Turkish and Lebanese representatives asked questions to Iranian professors about the nuclear negotiations. Authorities stated that the negotiations are considered as a gain for Iran. They also indicate that the Western media is consciously spreading some inaccurate news and by those news the media is trying to create a false impression, which simply says Iran stopped giving support to oppressed world.

However, the authorities also explained that this is not true at all. The struggle of Iran with America will continue and Iran will keep cooperating with Palestine, Yemen and Syria until the imperialists keep their hands off the Western Asia. One of the young members of the center, Ali Reza Ibrahimi told by pointing out the relations that “America is still the ‘seytan-ul akbar’ for all of us.”

On the same day, the committee visited Ali Reza Kerimyan, who is the Secretary General of the Union of Iran Islamic Radios and Televisions. Kerimyan stated that the struggle with imperialism should not only be focused on one area but also should be focused on education, media, culture, politics and such areas. He pointed out that Iran holds his head high with the help of its youth.

Meeting at the former Embassy of the United States

The committee of World Anti-Imperialist Youth Union met Basij Commander Mohammad Reza Negdi at the former Embassy of the United States on the forth day of their visit to Tehran.

The former embassy was kept under siege by the Iranian youth for 444 days, from 1979 to 1981 right after Shah had compromised with US. Today, it is a symbol of struggle with imperialism and it became a museum. At first, the committee listened the story of siege and then they explained what they do in their homeland against imperialism to the commander Negdi.

The Chairman of the Youth Union of Turkey (TGB), Cagdas CENGIZ told about their sack protests and stated that the Iranian youth and the Turkish youth shares a common history against imperialism. Then, Negdi stated that the penalty that TGB was imposed due to the sack protests should be considered as an honor badge.

After the meeting at the former embassy, the committee visited the Tehran Municipality and met the Vice President and Municipality Assembly Members. During the meeting, the committee got informed about the local administration system and congratulated the Municipality Assembly Members for an organized and well-managed style of administration.

Press Conference

On the last day of the committee’s visit to Tehran, the Union of Iran Islamic Radios and Televisions organized a press conference with over 10 press agencies’ participation. The members of the Executive Committee of WAYU stated that the only solution for the imperialist separatist and reactionary terrorism is the cooperation between the countries in the Western Asia. They told that they are going to do whatever it takes for this cooperation and said that they are aware of their responsibilities. They pointed out the solution and invited all governments to form a union in the Western Asia.

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