Final Declaration of International Anti-Imperialist Youth Congress

Final Declaration of International Anti-Imperialist Youth Congress

We’re making an effort for being united despite the peculiar differences of our countries as anti-imperialist youth. Because we are aware of the fact that moving together is an obligation more than a voluntariness. We know we have to defeat the terror and its collaborators in Turkey for defending territorial integrity of Syria. But before we have to bring Palestine together with its freedom. Samples can be increased. Briefly youth unions, fighting in geographies so far from each other, which working in West Asia, Latin America and all around the world decided to establish a roof organisation.

Firstly working style of our union will be based on the tolerate arguments within the frame of mutual respect and unity in action. Unions will be stepped to law of unity and fraternity by participating this roof organisation. Our contry always positions on the line against to imperialism. There can be some conflict of interest among different countries. But we consider this conflicts back-borner. The main, first conflict is the struggle against imperialism. So in this context, all countries who are in this roof union are counted as they accepted the truth that the interest of their country can be ensured by the international solidarity against imperialism. All countries who joined the organisation can contribute each other with the political arguments, but this arguments will never give any harm to anti-imperialist struggle.

Struggle is our duty on these days that American imperialism brought terror and special war to our region. By ensuring the national unity we will answer chaos which is created under the skin of ethnic and denominational discrimination. We will resist to the policy, put by American imperialism, zionist Israel, and their caretaker EU, which is destroying national unity and national culture. Victory will absolutely will be the oppressed and resisting nations.

Ones who wrote this text are the grandchildren of Lenin, Nasr, Mustafa Kemal, Omar Mukhtar, Yasser Arafat, Patrice Lumumba. We promise that we will make the unity and freedom struggles successful.
Imperialists! Be afraid of. We as the unions who signs this declaration will make life unbearable for you not in just our own countries but also across the world. Every move you make against to oppressed nations will see politicised mass of people. We established a mutual relation.

Hasta la victoria siempre !

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