Final Declaration of International Anti-imperialist Youth Meeting

Final Declaration of International Anti-imperialist Youth Meeting

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International Anti-Imperialist Youth Meeting Final Declaration

We, as the representatives of anti-imperialist youth organizations from the seven climates of our world, now announce the final declaration to world public opinion:

Our world is in the sunset of an obsolete and destructive era and at the dawn of a new and enlightened one. American hegemonism and Israel invasionism have lost the initiative against the resistance of all oppressed nations from West Asia to East Asia, from Latin America to Africa and against the economic and military ascent of Eurasian powers. The war of Syria has been a defeat for them along with their waged terrorists; and the embargo they implemented on Iran could not break the will of Iranian nation to independence. Their Saudi-backed terrorist attack on Yemen is repulsed back by Yemeni people. Their coup attempt in Bolivarian Venezuela is routed. Terrorist attacks and political blackmail could not cow to submission the Turkish nation who is fighting on the field against the pawns of the US.

The US and Israel are now facing an inevitable defeat despite all their military bases pervading the world from the top on down, international organizations acting as their backyards, and tremendous media power. As they intensify their attacks, they bring more and more closer their downfall. As the sun of Atlantic system is setting on the West, the sun of new world system is rising from the East.

We understand the transformation that our world is going through and shoulder the challenges of this new era together. These are the points that we derived from 5-days “International Anti-Imperialist Youth Meeting” and put our signs under:

1) The US and Israel is still trying to bring West Asian nations to their knees by means of their waged terrorists such as PKK, PYD, PJAK, El Nusra and ISIS. The belt of terrorism they fuel and steer is still affecting millions of people’s lives, creating human tragedies with immigrant waves, and harming the security and future of the entire world. We will continue our struggles against US- and Israel-backed terrorist organizations on national and international scales without any compromise until we uproot terrorism altogether.

2) Palestine has been the sign of all oppressed nations with its heroic resistance against Israil occupation. The decision of the US government to transfer Israel embassy to Eastern Jerusalem is an attempt to legitimize and legalize the unjust and cruel occupiation. We will never accept this. Not only the Eastern part but the entire Jerusalem belongs only to Palestinian people and will remain so for good. We will embrace Palestinian struggle as ours and rise international solidarity until we have won this fight.
3) The monopolar world order of those who tried to be a world patron and gendarme is cracking now and a multipolar world order is borning. Eurasian and Latin American forces are paving the way for a geopolitic climate based on national independence through regional and intercontinental initiatives. We support the Astana and Soci summits that have been defeating the imperialist plans to divide West Asian countries; and Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Belt and Road Initiative that aim at creating a security and cooperation belt throughout Eurasia. We will conduct common works to represent among youth the international initiatives based on national sovereignty, security and mutual benefit.

4) The system whose sun is setting does not promise us a future but a futurelessness. The casino capitalism of Atlantic system has been stirring up throughout the world the unqualification of education, the precarization of jobs and the ascent of youth unemployment. We need a contemporary, qualified and accesible-for-all education system and an employment policy that is going to combine the interests and abilities of young people to the developmental needs of our nations. For achieving this goal, we will pursue in our own countries to build independent and pro-public development routes.

5) This system is trying to straitjacket the youth. The consumption and apathy culture it imposes, the selfish and apolitical worldview it endorses, all that is for keeping youth away from the decision making mechanisms and shackling the power of youth to change the world. We reject this role that the system assumes to us. We will always be on the front line of all political struggles of our countries and the world starting from the independence struggles. We will expand a pro-labor, sharing and solidarist culture all around the world. We will become hope against despair. We will take our future into our own hands through uniting all the anti-imperialist youth under the same roof of international struggle.

With this final declaration, we call for all anti-imperialist youth organizations in the world: Let us unite our strengths and create a brand new world all together.

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