The occupation forces of the Zionist state of Israel have been attacking the Masjid al-Aqsa, the holy place of all Muslims, since May 8, known as World Jerusalem Day. The Israeli police injured hundreds of Palestinians regardless of children, women and the elderly, and detained dozens of people unlawfully. They forcibly evacuated the Palestinians living in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood from their homes and battered the Palestinian member of parliaments. Last night in Gaza, they killed at least 24 people 9 of whom were children and the Zionists chanted and danced to the burning flames rising from the yard of Masjid al-Aqsa.

As the World Anti-Imperialist Youth League (WAYU), we strongly condemn Israel’s occupation, Zionist tyranny and terrorist acts. We declare that we will always be on the side of heroic Palestinian people until the victory of the righteous cause of free and independent Palestine.

The Western media is constantly talking about a “Palestinian problem”. There is no Palestinian problem, there is an Israeli problem. It started with the bloody and illegitimate occupation of Palestinian lands under the auspices of US imperialism. Today, it continues with the acceleration of the occupation in Jerusalem, again under the wings of the USA imperialism. This occupation and persecution threatens not only the freedom and right to live of Palestine and West Asian nations, but also the peace and security of the entire world.

The strength of the terrorist state Israel goes as far as the strength and means of American imperialism. While American imperialism is losing in Karabakh, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Pacific, the showpiece power and rhetoric of the Biden administration alone is not enough to protect Israel. The end of the occupation in Jerusalem will be the action that will hit the last nail on the coffin of imperialism and Zionism. The West Asian states of the oppressed world such as Turkey, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan and all Asian countries must unite for the final defeat of imperialism and Zionism.

Those who carried out this treacherous zionist attack on Ramadan, the holy month of the Muslim world and in Masjid al-Aqsa, its holy place, are wrong if they think that they can intimidate Palestine and the oppressed nations who are their brothers and sisters! Palestinians’ cause for independence, freedom and justice has more allies than imperialism and Zionism. They are losing. History is on our side. What we need is to unite.

We are at a historical moment when conditions are ripe for stopping Israel and repelling the occupation. It is no longer a time of condemnation and tears, but a time of action. We invite all anti-imperialist youth of the world, especially the youth of West Asia who resists US imperialism and Israeli Zionism, to work together to build this common will for action.

Down with Israel Zionism!
Free Jerusalem, Independent Palestine!

WAYU Executive Committee

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