Hands off Syria!

Hands off Syria!

The members of the WAYU met in Damascus for the International Youth Conference which was hosting by the Revolutionary Youth Union under the slogan of “Hands off Syria! “.

At the opening of the conference, Secretary General of WAYU, Elif Ilhamoglu said delegates had come to express solidarity with Syria, voicing hope that the forum will help face attempts of partitioning, sedition and for defeating terrorism and extremism across the world.

Head of the RYU, Ma’an Abboud, told delegates: “What some Arab countries are witnessing of chaos, partitioning, sedition and terrorism is due to the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, which serves only the US and its allies, mainly Israel.”

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Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) Hilal al-Hilal met with participants in his office. Mr. Hilal added important role of unions, organizations and student bodies in educating Arab youths to confront the Takfiri thought which is targeting them in the first place and using Islam as a tool to achieve its objectives.

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Members of the conference also met Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Hamed Hasan and Education Minister Hazwan al-Waz.

As part of the conference’s activities, delegations form Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, North Korea, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Libya, Jordan and Comoros Islands visited a number of sites in Damascus city, including the Ummayyad Mosque and the Unknown Soldier Monument.

On the last day, participants read the final decleration with Information Minister Umran Zuabi.

The international youth meeting was successfully ended after the speech of Syrian Arab Republic Muftu Dr. Ahmed Bedreddin Hassun at dinner.

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