The Anti-Imperialist Youth Congress

The Anti-Imperialist Youth Congress

Dear Friends and Comrades,
Because of our great trust in the role and capacity of the youth of the world to combat against the international imperialism and its extensive plans and projects which aim to loot peoples’ wealth and properties and dominate the world, we would like to call for an International Youth Assembly to establish the World Youth Union under the name ‘World’s Anti-imperialist Youth’

Previously, Youth Union of Turkey organized two international symposia which took place in May of 2012 and March of 2014 in order to raise solidarity with other anti-imperialist youth organizations. Final decision is made to establish an international anti-imperialist youth organization in the latest meeting and a preparatory committee is formed to organize the upcoming congress.

«The Youth Anti-Imperialist Assembly» is going to take place from 25th to 30th October 2014 in Istanbul – Turkey. Your organization will be hosted by preparatory committee of the Youth Union of Turkey (TGB).

The preparatory committee will translate the talks into the participant countries’ languages ahead of time. Therefore spokespersons of the unions and organizations shall send their texts in English latest by October 10th 2014

In order to take place on the exhibition called “Anti-Imperialist Youth Resistance from Seven Continents” compilation of minimum 10 maximum 15 photographs of mass youth anti-imperialism resistance/s, taken place your country, shall be sent by October 15th 2014.

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