International Youth Conference on Independent Palestine

International Youth Conference on Independent Palestine

World Anti-Imperialist Youth Union (WAYU), who represents 40 youth organizations from 25 countries, took action to unite the resisting West Asia youth. On Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 5:00 PM (GMT+3); 11 youth representatives who fight on the forefront, from Palestine, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Yemen, will meet by video conference at the “International Youth Conference on Independent Palestine.”

WAYU gathers the most important regional movements, against the years of Israel’s invasion to Palestine. With this conference, WAYU will announce the determination of independent Palestine resistance. During the conference, simultaneous translation into Arabic, Turkish and English will be provided.

The event will be attended by organizations at the forefront of the resistance, such as Hamas, Al-Fatah, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. With this conference Hamas and Al-Fatah, after a long time, they will come together through WAYU and determine the roadmap for the common Palestinian cause.

Along with Palestine; young representatives of Syria National Student Union and Syria Revolutionary Youth Union from Syria, the youth organization of BESIC, the state’s voluntary militia from Iran, the youth of Hezbollah, the front organization of the resistance in Lebanon, and Ansarullah Movement resisting the Western-backed Saudi invasion from Yemen will make speeches. The Chairman of the Vatan Party’s Vanguard Youth, and the Chairman of the Turkish Youth Union, will attend the conference as speakers.

The conference will not only determine the situation in the Palestinian resistance, but also put forward a joint decision and solution with the final declaration they will publish. The organizations will gather fort the determined resistance for free Palestine, not for condemnation. The agenda of the organizations is not only to carry out the resistance in Palestine, but also to put it on the agenda of all the countries in the region and even put it at the center of the anti-imperialist struggle all over the world.

You are invited to watch the conference on our Youtube account. Follow our social media accounts for the updates and the detailed conference program.

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