International Youth Statement for the New World after COVID-19

International Youth Statement for the New World after COVID-19

As humanity, we face an epidemic, a natural disaster that harms all regardless of any origin. This outbreak crisis urges us to act with solidarity across distances and to actualize common solutions for the sake of the well-being of humanity. The time that has passed from the outset of coronavirus spread set treasurable experiences in front of us. However, as it is obvious from the facts, the neoliberal system and imperialist cruelty of the USA and Atlantic governments, prevents nations to benefit from these experiences and to act with solidarity at the expense of human lives. We, as the youth organizations in the belief that the urgent problems of humanity can only be solved by the common action to transcend this inhumane imperialist order, call for a mobilization for the implementation of the below perspectives.


  1. Human life is above all. The most fundamental human right and freedom is to be alive. Therefore, we condemn the neoliberal health system that makes human life a matter of profit and mutilates public capacities of health service. It is a shame for humanity to see that especially in Western countries the young people die even without having medical treatment due to lack of money and elderly people are abandoned to death in nursing houses due to incapacity. Equality-based public health system should be revived to weather the crisis of health by mobilizing all means available. All people should be provided free access to health service and protective materials. The vaccine to be found should be free for all people.


  1. This is a war against a disease, and hence requires an all-out struggle. On the forefront, there are medical army fighting altruistically and tirelessly. On the hinterland, citizens are following the measures as staying home unless necessary and show solidarity to each other. On the production site, workers sustain the production cycle to meet the necessities of all. States should equip and orchestrate the army of citizens in order to win this war. Free access to protective materials should be provided for citizens and basic requirements should be met in a way to protect them from the chain of infection. Production and employment, the long-range life unit of the society, should be secured; and there should be measures taken for job security and against production cuts. Disciplined and well-equipped citizens in coordination with the state is key to getting through these hard times with the least casualties possible.


  1. To help the deprived in hard times is the test of humanity. It is seen today that the European Union says to Italy and Eastern Europe countries, and the United States of America federal government says to its states the same thing: you are alone, every state for itself. The USA continues and even tightens its inhumane sanctions against Cuba, Iran, DPR Korea, Syria and Venezuela in the midst of pandemics conditions. On the other side of the world, Russia aids to the USA, the country sanctions itself; and China shares its valuable experience and lends a helping hand to the US, the country accuses itself, along with the entire world by sending them experienced health specialists and vital equipment. Turkey answers all help calls within its capacities. No country should accord with the US sanctions. The aids should cover all countries in need without discrimination. Experiences should be openly shared with those in need. The countries did show solidarity with those in need should be acclaimed on the world stage at large.


Humanity will survive this pandemic too. Out of the principles that facilitate a victory befit to humans, a new world and civilization arises. A multipolar world in which hegemonism is condemned. A civilization based on the values of public good, solidarity and sharing. In the hands of youth, future holds. And anti-imperialist youth will be the pioneers of this novel spring of humanity. We hereby announce that we will do whatever history burdens on our shoulders for transcending neoliberal isolation and imperialist oppression; and making these principles the guiding values of humanity beginning with our immediate task of defeating Covid-19 pandemic. We call forth all the world youth who say “another world is possible” to struggle shoulder to shoulder with us.


We are hopeful and determined.

Because we are Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South Americas.

Because we are the youth who devote their lives to the common future of their countries and humanity.

Because we are organized and united humanity.


Covid-19 will be defeated!

Imperialist system will be defeated!

Great humanity will gain the victory!


Signatory Organizations


Argentina, Patria Para Todos

Bangladesh, Youth Unity of Bangladesh

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League

Egypt, Egyptian Progressive Youth Union

India, Revolutionary Youth Association (RYA)

Iran, Justice for Peace

Iraq, Iraqi Youth Union

Iraq, Iraqi Youth Council

Italy, Independent School Union (SISA)

Jordan, Jordan Students Union

Lebanon, Arabic National Youth

Lebanon, Youth Union of Lebanon

Mexico, Partido del Trabajo

Nepal, Youth Federation Nepal

Pakistan, Pakistan Workers and Peasants Party

Palestine, Palestine Popular Front

Palestine, Palestine Youth Organization

Palestine, Progressive Student Labor Front of Palestine (PSLF)

Palestine, Return to Palestine Movement

Russia, Eurasian Youth Movement

Russia, Rodina Party Youth (TIGR)

Switzerland, Swiss Communist Youth

Turkey, Youth Union of Turkey (TGB)

Turkey, Vatan Party Vanguard Youth

Venezuela, Bolivarian Students Union

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