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Revolutionary Greetings from WAYU to the Anti-Imperialist Youth of the World

From Baghdad to Damascus, from Istanbul to Alexandria, we observe some dynamic forces that are pointing out one thing: Something is happening in the Western Asia. Youths of the oppressed nations are uniting against imperialism. They are acting in a body. To break the bloody hands of imperialism, to crush the imperial motives in the region, to end all ethnic and sectarian wars, we act in a body and we unite!

The Syrian young man who fights against the racist, reactionist, separatist mobs in Aleppo and the Egyptian young woman who struggles for demolishing the dictatorship on the streets of Cairo are now hugging each other. Palestinian youth, which fights against the Zionism and the Iranian youth, which struggles against the US imperialism are now clenching their fists shoulder to shoulder. The Turkish youth, which raises its voice during the Gezi Protests, has the same aim as the Latin American youth.

All of these young people are now taking concrete steps to wipe off the imperialist hegemony on their homelands. Now, let’s take one step forward! Let’s unite!

We ought to act with solidarity to reach the national liberation against the ones who murder hundreds of thousand of children, who rape women, who set fire our villages, who try to trample down our national flags. If we act with solidarity, imperialists will be deeply grieved. We share a common history, which consists of the legendary stories of Simón Bolívar, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Mustafa Kemal…

Today, there are anti-imperialist youth movements all over the world. Hence, to create the most effective anti-imperialist political organization, we think of one single key word.

The key word, which is going to help us achieve the ultimate goal of anti-imperialist movements, is “the union” The World Anti-Imperialist Youth Union has established for this purpose. We believe that the oppressed nations of the world will win and we, as the members of WAYU, will be the ones who are heralding the future of the world. But first, let us all unite!

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