The Real Terrorism … The Real Victims…

The Real Terrorism … The Real Victims…

Recently, two main opinions appeared related to the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo magazine in France trying to find answers to serious questions – who are the real victims of terrorism? Who are the real makers of terrorism? Are the imperialist forces honest in declaring a war against it?

The first view says that the imperialist forces were the real makers of terrorist Islamic radical movements from Afghanistan during the war against Soviet Union to the same movements in Middle East now, but recently the situation has been reversed as these movements start to be out of control. Personally, I go against this view as those terrorists prove frequently that they are completely controlled as they are existed by the borders with Zionist State of Israel for four years and didn’t even attempt to attack the Zionist Military while instead they have good relations and have logistics support although these movements’ doctrine says that “Jews” are the real and only enemy.

On the other hand, there is another point of view thinks that imperialist forces and their intelligence agencies are responsible for these attacks in their countries by employing these radical movements in an indirect way then to use the media to show the West as victims even if it is at the expense of some of their innocent civil citizens, who are being killed, in order to convince their people that they are in danger and they have a holy war against “the evil”, and to justify more new militant interference in the Middle East.

Here, we should take three facts into consideration which prove that imperialist forces are hypocrite.

First of all, directly after the Charlie Hebdo’s attack there were two suicide attacks in Jabal Mohsen area in Lebanon but USA and France governments completely ignored these events while their media still introducing the terrorists fighting in Syria and Lebanon as revolutionary people.

Moreover, the imperialist regimes of Arabian Gulf still providing those “Takfiri Movements” with all the needed logistic and political support as well as America’s ally in NATO -Turkish government of AKP- still plays the same main role in supporting the terrorists in both Syria and Iraq and allow them to use Turkish borders to enter Syria, in addition to help (ISIS) Islamic State in Iraq and Sham to sell the stolen oil from the two countries and even buy it.

However, there is something must be taken seriously that France sent one of their biggest aircraft carriers “Charles De Gaull” to Arabian Gulf directly after Charlie Hebdo’s attack!!.

No doubt that the idiom ‘terrorism’ is a double-edged sword as it doesn’t have a specific definition yet and as imperialist forces create it and at the same time use it to appear as “the victims” and justifying the world their plans to destroy nations like what they did before in Afghanistan 2001 and Iraq 2003.

To sum up, as ‘terrorism’, who attacks and destroys our countries in Middle East is still being defined by imperialists as ‘revolutions’ and the other which attacks them is defined as ‘terrorist actions’ , we have only one belief that terrorism is defined as both “imperialism and radical Islamic groups created by it”.

Ahmad Abu Omara

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