The “Sack”

The “Sack”

Our sack protest, in addition to echoes, entailed some debates. It is necessary to scrutinize the objections regarding the method and the address of the action; because the subject of the discussion is not related only to this action, but it is a perspective we can face again in the future.

Is the action mentioned a democratic protest? Or does it include violence?

Throughout the history, in order to protect itself from actions which oppose it’s existence either symbolically or functionally, the sytem clinged words like vandalism/terrorism. Mustafa Kemal was denominated as a rebel and Deniz Gezmiş and his friends were declared terrorists. Because their programs, demands and practise are radical.

Without any doubt, our action was a radical protest. However, which is radical is the content of the action rather than it’s method. What was disturbing with this action which was against the military and political presence of United States of America it it’s political content. Besides that, the action also includes a radical method. Throwing paint or putting plastic bags over the heads of people are not the methods we use every day, all the time. Yet, it is important to remember that what defines the temper of the method is the millions of people that US Army massacred and violated, and the civil wars US Army provokes in Middle East and all around the world. Of course, an action aiming the world’s greatest and the most bloodstained gang of murderers will use more solid and precise methods. We have to remind people who are disturbed with the images of the action with aesthetic concerns: The pain and the burst of anger it arises on the earth are not aesthetic. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t any attempt to harm the health of the soldiers. For the trauma and fear that they have experienced, they can count it as the payoff of their crimes.

The address of the action, was it the “poor” American soldier on his day off?

Yes. The choices bring moral and political responsibilities. It was told that how “poor” the soldiers were, as they were trying to live better and maybe they want to send their children to university. Today, no matter with what reason they have, they cannot escape from the responsibility of being a paid staff in the world’s greatest gang of criminals.

This is that “poor” soldier who triggered the gun in Iraq. Again, it is the same “poor” soldier who is providing intelligence to Syrian Liberation Army in Syria. He is the torturer in Guantanamo. Even the desk job personnel providing information through combat drones are not different than the pilots of bombardments.

If it is the conscience in question, deducing that being a member of the world’s greatest gang of criminals brings no responsibility appeals to which conscience?

These people have to see that earning 30.000 Dollars by joining the US Army doesn’t worth being responsible for all those crimes. It is not enough to talk about this. You cannot convince those people not to do what they do by mere communication.

You have to disturb them, you have to narrow their comfort zone. You have to make this “job” more darksome and fearful for them.

You have to salute people fighting in Lebanon and the children of Palestinian Intifada.

You have to give courage and hope to them and to the Turkish people whose dignity is down trodden every single day.

In brief, you have to put that plastic bag.

Uğur Aytaç
Member of General Executive Committee
Youth Union of Turkey

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