Salute Yemeni Revolutionists Who Fight Against Imperialism!

Salute Yemeni Revolutionists Who Fight Against Imperialism!

Houthi Movement, which set off on its own journey as a reaction to Yemeni government that was widely shaped by US and Saudi’s policies in the region and as a reaction to that government’s anti-democratic implementations, has become the only representative structure of Yemeni people against the dictatorship of that government. In 2003, 650 members of the movement were arrested by the Yemeni government due to the speeches against US and Israel which were given by the leader of Houthis. Hussein al-Houthi’s speeches were so much influential on the Yemeni people; hence Yemeni government oppressed the people both economically and politically. US-backed terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda situated against the Houthi Movement. In order to eradicate the pressure, Houthi Movement triggered a great resistance. That resistance succeeded in 2015. On January 20, Houthis seized the presidential palace with the Yemeni people.

The civil commotion that was led by Houthis disbanded the government and established the Revolutionary Committee. Demands were declared in order to end the corruption, demolish the US influence on Yemen and create just economic conditions. Saudi government called the US and nearby countries for an intervention when they realized the fact that they could not handle the civil commotion only with the help of Al-Qaeda. After that, the military operation to Yemen has started with the participation of 10 other countries. While we were writing this article, it was known that 40 civilians were killed and 50 others were injured in the attacks which were led by Saudi Arabia. It is declared by this bloody mob that land operations will be started after the air operations. After brutal attacks, thousands of Yemeni demonstrators poured into streets of capital Sana’a to raise their voice against the aggressor forces.

As the delegation from the Youth Union of Turkey, we met the representatives of the Ansarullah Movement and negotiated about the common struggle grounds against imperialism on our visit to Lebanon in January. The representatives said “They are trying to split our country into six pieces. However, we are struggling for a united country” We stated that we are struggling for the same aim that makes us fight against the reactionist and separatist attacks on our own country. At the end of our conversation, solidarity and unity messages were shared.

Now, we are calling out to the comrades from Yemen who are fighting against imperialists. Our feelings about the solidarity against the imperialism are everlasting! Malevolent forces understood in Syria that they won’t be able to suppress the civil commotion. They’ll understand that in Yemen too! The military operations that are against the independence and unity of Yemen must be immediately ended. As the members of Youth Union of Turkey, as the young people who struggle against the imperialism on this land, we send our solidarity messages to Yemeni brothers and sisters. We believe that the victory will be Yemeni peoples’!

Down with the imperialism and its collaborators!
Long live the Turkish and Yemeni peoples’ brotherhood!

Elif İlhamoğlu
Vice President of the Youth Union of Turkey
Secretary General of the World Anti-Imperialist Youth Union

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