Statement by WAYU on the Demonstrations in Beirut

Statement by WAYU on the Demonstrations in Beirut

Thousands of protestors have been on the streets of Beirut to demand that the government resign. A lot of people have injured and some was killed by the police since the beginning of the demonstrations about the government’s inability to remove enormous heaps of garbage from the city’s streets. In fact, we know that it is just one of the triggering factors. We know that the political and the economic corruption in Lebanon plays a significant role on these demonstrations.

Today, we, as the members of WAYU, are aware that the people who are in the streets of Beirut, in the Riad al-Solh Square are fighting for their honour, for the sake of Lebanon’s future.

We unconditionally support the struggle of Lebanese people. We convey our condolences to the martyrs’ relatives and hope that the injured comrades will be healthier soon.

We are fighting, struggling, clashing for a better world. We’ll shape our future by shaping our own lands. Lebanese people are now shaping their future. Salute their struggle!


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