Statement by WAYU on the Israel’s Attack in Gaza

Statement by WAYU on the Israel’s Attack in Gaza

Last night, zionist Israeli forces bombed Gaza. They cast 70 missiles. Palestinians were the direct target while a bomb shell thrown to an empty ground on Israeli side was the excuse to the operations being held both from the air and on the ground to Palestine.


At the same time, Turkey was mourning for the fellow citizens who died due to a suicide bombing of ISIS in Gaziantep.


The same night again, Syrian Army were fighting both PYD and ISIS simultaneously.


PKK, PYD, ISIS, Al Nusra… Terrorist organisations supported by USA keep expediting their attacks. Because the time is no much time left to build an imperialist corridor that will reach to Israel from the north of Syria. Turkey, Russia and Iran are cooperating now in order to find a solution for Syria. Turkey – Syria negotiations has been restoring recently. Uniting states of West Asia have clarified that they will protect the sovereignty of national states and their territorial integrity. This is why the imperialist and zionist front is in an agression and hurry. The time is running out for them while it is proceeding for us.


We, as the youth of opressed nations who are fighting against imperialism, promise that we won’t let these treacherous plans trying to divide our countries to succeed and we also promise that we will rebuff these attacks by uniting in solidarity and cooperation.


Our heart and fight is with all the people, notably with Palestine, fighting against imperialism and zionism.


Long live our fight for freedom, liberation and justice!

Executive Committe of WAYU

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