Statement by WAYU on The Charlie Hebdo Attack

Statement by WAYU on The Charlie Hebdo Attack

We as the World Anti-Imperialist Youth Union;

condemn the bloody attack against the satirical newspaper “Charlie Hebdo”. It is an unspeakable crime against secularism. Unfortunately, similar crimes occur regularly in many countries struggling against religious fundamentalism. What happened in Paris can not be read as an action of two mad men. It would be a trivialization of a serious problem. It is important to say that those two bombers first organized terrorist actions against the national and secular state of Syria. When that happened the French government considered them as “fighters for democracy”!

There is an Islamic fundamentalism, violent and reactionary, especially created by the Western imperialist governments for their geopolitical and economic interests. Prior to defeat the Soviet Union, then to destabilize and balkanize the sovereign states of the Middle East, to open the doors to the neo-colonialism of nations. Now this current dangerous fundamentalist terrorism is out of control of its masters (who are in Paris and Washington and their allies) and the ordinary innocent citizens and workers of these countries are paying and suffering for the consequences in terms of security.

These attacks seem to be a part of a strategy of tension that can justify new imperialist wars and a process of creeping fascism in European societies, and that what exactly the French extreme right of Marine Le Pen wants . We must therefore avoid inciting racism and Islamophobia, but at the same time defend the secular forces in the Muslim world who oppose these reactionary organizations.

Executive Committee of WAYU

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