TGB’s press release on Biden’s visit to Turkey

TGB’s press release on Biden’s visit to Turkey

The declaration of the Youth Union of Turkey against Joe Biden’s visit to Turkey;

Dear friends,

Today, we come together to give some messages to the whole world and especially to the representatives of American imperialism.

Today, we come together to deliver you the breath of Iraq, the conscience of Afghanistan, the heart of Syria, the dignity of Latin America, the voice of Palestine and the scream of the Young Turks.

Today, we are marching to damn imperialism, to tell that we are all against the political attitudes of USA as an imperial power that provokes reactionist and separatist movements in our country and our region.

Today, the Vice President of the United States is in Turkey.

He came here with his two airplanes that are full of guards. It is said that journalists are not allowed to approach him within 100 meters.

In his previous visit, he was wandering easily and talking with shopkeepers in Turkey but now he is feeling the fear inside of him. He is afraid of Turkish nation and the every single member of the Turkish youth –except a couple of compradors-.

This fear is enough for them!

We will not let the representatives of American imperialism who think of dividing our country in pieces, who fire bullets to the Republic of Turkey with its subcontractor terrorist organization PKK feel comfortable in our lands.

We know that the fears of sacks are in your nightmares.

The image of the lords of the world is vanished.

We swept away your privilege, your untouchableness.

You become a nightmare for the whole world.

So, you deserve the nightmares that are full of sacks.

We warn US again: Stop your attempts to divide our country!

Stop your moves to demolish our Republic!

Stop setting nations against each other in the region with the help of reactionist and separatist terrorist organizations!

Or else, you are going to get drowned in the blood of the millions that you murdered, the blood of Iraqıs, the blood of Afghans, the blood of Syrians, Turks, Arabs and Kurds.

America! You are sentenced to lose!

Give up before the prices of your actions get larger and larger.

We saw how you trembled when we put sacks on your hired killer soldiers’ heads.

The whole world saw that you are not “Rambo”s.

The image of your coward soldier who was running away is our reply to your bloody massacres and plots in our country and our region.

The image of that soldier is the image of your defeat.

Accept that:

You lose in Syria. You lose in Iraq.

You lose in Latin America.

You are not able to reach Africa. You are not able to overcome Asia.

Oppressed people are now devastating cruels!

The whole world saw that.

Now, stop devastating both your country and the world.


Do not send us people like Bush, Obama, Condeliza Rice and Biden anymore.

We don’t want imperialists in our lands.

If you would like to come to us:

Come with George Washington who fought against the British imperialism for the independence of America!

Come with the revolutionary Abraham Lincoln who demolished slavery!

Come with Martin Luther King who is a symbol of the whole struggles against racism!

Come with the youth that resisted American assault in Vietnam!

Come with Jack London!

Come with Ernest Hemingway!

Come with John Steinbeck!

Then, we welcome you brotherly in our lands.

Do not come with the warships but use cruise ships.

Then, we show you how the Turkish hospitality is.

But if you come with tanks, cannonballs, warplanes, destroyers, missiles,

Then, we make you feel the taste of defeat, as you have never tasted before.

We remind you Gallipoli.

We remind you our Independence War.

We remind you Deniz Gezmiş and his friends who drove Yankees into the see in 1968.

We remind you revolutionary and patriot Young Turks who defend East against the assault of imperialists.

We remind you Mustafa Kemal.

We do not allow imperialism on our lands.

And you see the truth that we teach everybody:

We are the soldiers of Mustafa Kemal!

And Mustafa Kemal’s soldiers will never be defeated on these lands!

The President of TGB
Çağdaş Cengiz

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