The American Dream Is Over

The American Dream Is Over

The date of 6th January is a milestone that demonstrates the debacle of the imperialist world. In front of the world, the Capitol building, a sacred place for the American democracy, was raided by a group of American people who claimed the election was rigged and shouted, “stop the steal.” The USA is now, in the world’s eyes, a country that is even incapable of holding elections in peace, threatened by a revolt against its establishment and deprived of its internal unity. The center of Western liberal democracy is now facing the crisis that the US sets up in other countries by imperialist means of intervention. This revolt is a historic moment and auspicious event for the entire world. As the World Anti-Imperialist Youth Union (WAYU), we declare that the American dream is certainly over now.

This uprising is yet another symptom of the irrepressible crisis within the American establishment that has been based on the trivet of neoliberal globalization, financialization and endless wars. In the past years, thanks to the resistance of the oppressed nations and people, the United States of America has been defeated on many great fronts, gave rein its productive power to Asia, and its global hegemony has eroded both in Western world and in the global East and South as well. As a result, the ruling classes of the US and the entire society have thus split into two camps, and the country at large is turned into a climate of internal conflicts and disorder. It is obvious that the unrest against the system is not limited to those who stormed the Capitol Hill. There are large segments of society, whether organized or not, including Black Lives Matter protesters, revolutionaries, anti-imperialists, trade unionists that do and will fight against the establishment.

The Capitol building, the roof for the US House of Representatives, has been represented as a temple of democracy and the holy place of the “free world”, yet it is, in fact, the center of worldwide oppression and captivity for humanity. The “democracy” that is represented there is the one that was brought to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Vietnam on the bayonets of the American soldiers and NATO troops. Moreover, it is the center of immensely increasing inequality for the American people, the profits of the financial oligarchy, and the imperialist decisions taken against the people’s interests. That the headquarters of this sham democracy has been stormed is displaying the breadth of the fracture within the American system. With the organized resistance, increasing unity and solidarity in the oppressed and developing world, this declining hegemony would lead to the entire downfall of US imperialism.

The event of the Congress Raid proved once again the reality of a multipolar world. As the global empire is falling apart, the USA loses its ability to maintain domestic unity and contain popular unrest. The deepening of these conflicts is for the good of both American people and the oppressed world resisting the immediate threats of USA imperialism as well as the entire humanity that is seeking peace and prosperity. In the end, a climate of overturn grows ripe in which we will expel all the American soldiers from our soils and terminate the political and economic tyranny and the cultural hegemony of the USA. It is the time to take initiative and turn to the offense position for a new world and a new civilization. As the common platform of the anti-imperialist youth from all around the world, we call forth all anti-imperialist forces to unite in order to seize the prospects of this historic moment.


WAYU Executive Committee

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