The American Justice

The American Justice

A series of protests that began in Ferguson, Missouri has spread to the whole cities from New York to Chicago in the United States. The triggering cause of the protests is the murder of an 18-year-old black American teen named Michael Brown on August 9. American polices have a long criminal record in such cases. In the last 7 years, 96 black Americans have been murdered by polices and 18 percent of these murdered ones was under 21 years old. 98 percent of the lawsuits has ended up in favor of polices.

Here, it seems that the Michael Brown case had the same fate. Protestors have been screaming out, saying “Don’t shoot” for exactly 108 days.

Here, after 108 days, we are now seeing “the American justice”, the justice that is wanted to put right into the Middle East.

Here, we see that the police, Darren Wilson found innocent by the court when he murdered the 18-year-old unarmed, defenseless black teenager. Once again, the racist police terror is absolved by “the American Justice”. For the first time, Amnesty International has called the US to stop police violence. In the meantime, President Obama is on the screen, telling protestors to trust justice. On another screen, here is the murderer, police officer, talking about his “clear conscience”. All of these were happening while polices were taking protestors into custody, using force against journalists.

Orphan conscience

Location: Eskişehir, Turkey
Date: 10 July 2013

19-year-old teen Ali İsmail Korkmaz was marching to support Gezi Resistance when he faced with the police brutality. He was assaulted first by the police then by the reactionaries. He had a cerebral hemorrhage and then he lost his life. He was a freshman at Anadolu University. In 26 November 2014, after 140 days, the prosecutor wanted the polices that were involved in this case to be acquitted by the court. After that the case postponed. Indeed, justice has postponed. Meanwhile, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was speaking by referring to the tradesmen that caused Ali İsmail’s death: “Tradesmen and artisans are soldiers when needed. They are the policemen who build order when needed.” At the same day, the tradesman said “If I attempted a crime, the police would have cought me” and the police said “If it was a coup attempt, then I was tasked to stop the coup attempt” in the court. Lastly he said that he has “a clear conscience”.

Justice has just made an accident

Location: West Bank
Date: 25 November 2014

An Israeli driver drove his car through the Palestinian civillians. After the assault, 21-year-old Nur Hasan Salim lost his life, two teenagers were injured. Israeli executives considered the case as an accident. Justice has lost her life due to “the accident”.

Remove your mask, put your guns down!

Three people who spoke different languages, who had different beliefs… The only thing they had in common was their murderer: bloody-minded, ravenous American imperialism and its guardians. Imperialists are trying to clean up the blood on their hands by using the concepts like “justice”, “democracy”, “freedom” and so on. But their mask have slipped already.

It slipped in Vietnam, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Afghanisthan and in Syria.

It slipped in Ferguson, Palestine, Turkey.

The mask has been slipped by the oppressed people. The mask has been slipped by the nations which has struggled against imperialism in Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Lebanon.

We are determined to bring down imperialists’ idea of “justice”. We are going to sweep away the idea of postponed, ravenous “justice”.

And we as the youth of the world are determined to bring the real justice back for Michael Browns, Ali İsmail Kormazs and Nur Hasan Salims!

Elif İlhamoğlu
The Vice President of TGB

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