The U.S. Sanctions on Iran are Null and Void

The U.S. Sanctions on Iran are Null and Void

Today, the 4th November, is the anniversary of a great event in the history of world anti-imperialist struggle: The seizure of the American embassy in Tehran by Iranian students in 1979. This was one of the turning points in challenging the worldwide U.S. hegemony and has been a sign of Iranian nations’s firm will for independence in face of all sorts of aggressions and interventions. The 40 years-long resistance of Iran is an inspiration for anti-imperialists around the world in their struggle for independence, justice and peace.

Today, after more than 4 decades of the relentless attempts to suppress the Iranian people, who resist to submit their oppression, the U.S. continues to use its unlawful methods such as inciting wars, masterminding terrorism, and imposing arbitrary sanctions. The last one, which is put into action in this meaningful day, is the second wave of economic sanctions. In the light of the solidarity of regional countries with Iran and the international mechanism that is announced by the prominent world countries in the wake of UN assembly to overcome the U.S. sanctions, it is not an exagerration to say that these sanctions are null and void.

As the anti-imperialist youth of the world, we condemn the arbitrary sanctions of Trump administration and express our solidarity with Iranian nation in face of the negative effects of such imperialist actions. Furthermore, we inviet all independent nations and anti-imperialist organizations to counter these hegemonic attempts by strengthening their direct relations with Iran and by developing international means to overrule the unwarranted U.S. sanctions.

As Anti-Imperialist Youth Union, we firmly state our belief in Iranian people’s ability to defeat the waves of threats and sanctions coming from the U.S. imperialism and its regional partners, Israel zionism and Saudi interventionism. A multipolar world without hegemony is on the horizon now with the efforts of world anti-imperialist peoples and youth. It is our historical duty to strengthen our colloboration in order to bring that world closer.

Executive Committee of WAYU

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