WAYU Statement on Terrorist Attack in New Zealand

WAYU Statement on Terrorist Attack in New Zealand

The imperialist mechanism of “clash of civilizations” continues to spread death among the innocent people around the world in the worst forms of sectarianism and ethnic separationism.

The New Zealand attack added another ring to the massacre chain of religious and ethnic extremism, from the massacre of the Ibrahimi mosque by the Zionist murder Baruch Goldstein to the massacre against the Coptic worshippers in Egypt by the fundamentalist groups that claim to be Muslims. These are not crimes against one religious/ethnic group or another but against all humanity.

We, as World Anti-Imperialist Youth Union, condemn these heinous attacks against the innocent people and worshippers in the places of worship or any other place, and hold responsible imperialism that instigates discrimination between nations and also support fundamentalist and extremist crime organizations for the working of death mechanism.

The youth of the world who want peace and security will unite against such attempts to divide us regardless of our ethnical or religious identities and will defeat fundamentalism and extremism backed by imperialist separatism.

We extend our condolonces to the relatives of the deceased people and New Zealand nation and wish quick recovery to the wounded people.

WAYU Executive Committee

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