WAYU Statement on The US-Backed Terrorist Attack to Iran

WAYU Statement on The US-Backed Terrorist Attack to Iran

We have learnt with a great sorrow that by now 30 Iranian people lost their lives and more than 50 people got wounded due to the heinous attack by the U.S. and Saudi-backed terrorist organization Al-Ahwaz to the military parade held today in Iran, Ahwaz.

As the world knows, no terrorist organization in West Asia gets into action on its own. They cannot take even a step without the aid and guidance of a imperialist state like the U.S. The United States government strikes once again to Iran under the guise of the terrorist organization called Al-Ahwaz. It is seen that Washington strives to force Iranian nation to bow with terrorism since it cannot achieve this with the unlawful economic sanctions.

In the wake of such a outrageous event, it is also required to mention that the terrorist organization Al-Ahwaz which is responsible for the massacre has offices in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom and Denmark. Those armed structures are not innocent opposition powers but the terrorist groups who speak only the language of violence and the European centers should recognize the fact that by allowing their activities in Europe they only help them to shed more blood in the region. We call for the European governments to immediately close all Al-Ahwaz offices which are officialy working right now.

As the youth who fight for anti-imperialist cause all around the world, we have been in solidarity with Iran’s resistance against the U.S. aggression for a long time. We know that Iranian nation is inured to these attacks and will never submit. On the contrary, these atrocious actions unite the region and peoples of the world as well as Iranian nation. It should be understood that the imperialist centers do nothing but digging the most expensive grave on earth for themselves by investing billions of dollars in the terrorist organizations in West Asia.

We, as the World Anti-Imperialist Youth Union, condole with Iranian nation and declare once again that the anti-imperialist youth of the world always stand with the resisting nations in face of imperialist and zionist actions.

The Executive Committee of WAYU

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