Time To Stand In Solidarity With President Maduro

Time To Stand In Solidarity With President Maduro

We, as World Anti-Imperialist Youth Union (WAYU), condemn the unlawful and illegitimate proclamation of Juan Guadio as the president of Venezuela by the imperialist bloc under the leadership of the U.S. government; and declare our solidarity with the legitimate government of Bolivarian Republic of Venezueala led by President Nicolas Maduro.

Neither the United States nor the other states in its wake have any right to determine another country’s government. This is, without a doubt, an imperialist attempt to overthrow a legitimate government. We trust in the will and the determination of the Bolivarian revolutionary vanguards that, together with the people and the armed forces, fight against the coup d’etat and the terrorist interference of the United States of America, its puppets states in Latin America and of the other imperialist countries.

As did the heinous one against Hugo Chavez government in 2002, this coup attempt will be defeated too. We immediately call for all the anti-imperialist forces in the world to stand in solidarity with Venezuelan people and President Nicolas Maduro against the imperialist U.S. aggression.

WAYU Executive Committee

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