We Stand By President Morales Against the US-Backed Coup in Bolivia

We Stand By President Morales Against the US-Backed Coup in Bolivia

Yesterday, a US-backed faction within Bolivian army, has staged a coup against the Bolivian President Evo Morales Ayma who is one of the most prominent anti-imperialist leaders standing against the dominance of US imperialism in Latin America.

The pro-American forces could not take the 4th presidential victory of Evo Morales befitting to Bolivarian constitution and started to plot against him. In turn, President Morales had agreed to renew elections. The US-backed military puppets saw that another clear defeat is ahead of them and forced President Morales to resign with the threat of using violence against civilians that stand by their president. Right now, this illegal faction is aiming to arrest President Morales.

This military intervention, without a doubt, is a US-backed coup. This is yet another sign that the US lies in ambush for violating the independence and democracy of countries that refuse to bend to them. It is the last link in the US strategy to besiege the countries that struggle against the US imperialism and show that Latin America is no more “their backyard.”

The US forces who reckon they are able to break the independence will of people with a coup staged by puppet arms will never succeed. They are defeated in Venezuela with President Maduro and they will be defeated in Bolivia too. Because the people united will never be defeated. El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!

As World Anti-Imperialist Youth Union, we strongly denounce the US-backed coup in Bolivia and announce that we stand by the legitimate president of Bolivia, independentist and anti-imperialist Evo Morales to the end. We trust that Bolivian people will defeat the US coup eventually and President Morales will return to his rightful presidency and keep on fighting against the US imperialism.

We call for all the forces that respect for countries’ sovereignty against the imperialist interventionism to stand alongside with President Evo Morales.

Down with the US imperialism!

Stand President Morales, the world youth is with you!

WAYU Executive Committee

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