We Stand with Bangladeshi Youth

We Stand with Bangladeshi Youth

Secretary General of WAYU, Elif İlhamoğlu participated the 7th National Conference of Youth Unity of Bangadesh on 25-27 February in Dhaka.20170226_153003

During the first and second day of the Conference, the young peoples were discussing the problems of Bangladesh as unemployement, edication, economic inequality, undemocratic political conditions, terrorism and religious attacks. At the same time they discussed about the solutions way and the strategy of struggle.

In the third day, there was an international seminar with the title ‘Raise the voice for Employment, Secularism and Democracy’. The youth organisations from India, Nepal, Bangadesh, Turkey and Germany joined to this seminar. The young leaders determined that these basic problems of the youth of this region, Asia are facing to. However they confirm that the main problem of the region is imperialism. Because the main address of these problems is the imperialist capitalist system.

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The end of the seminar the young leaders declared that they will raise their voice against the all discriminations, exploitation, communalism, terrorism, corruption, injustice and privatization. They raise their voice against imperialism.

They raised a slogan all together for making fraternity, solidarity and peace; ‘Unite for all rights of youth’


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