Withdrawal Action of the Great Middle East Plan

Withdrawal Action of the Great Middle East Plan

In the 1990s with end of the Cold War, acting on the purpose of creating monopolar world, American imperialism was rising in our region. By long-term plans to invade the countries in region and the projects which determine those countries regimes and borders, at the beginning of the 2000s actually spurting USA could not survive in Afghanistan also it had to withdraw from Iraq. Reign of mobs which was tried to be established by America was falling.

When people’s discomfort turned into an uprising, USA made efforts to intervene and tried to make these revolutionary attempts evolve into a kind of Orange Revolution. When these efforts didn’t work in places like Egypt and Syria, imperialists chose another technique, which was feeding the terrorist organizations and causing a chaotic situation in the region on behalf of their own interest. They had already experienced due to the bloody relationship between them and Al-Qaeda, Al Qaeda-like organizations. ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) has become the latest product of this experience. ISIL –the terrorist organization that massacres thousands of people under the name of Islam- is now out of control.

On the other hand, USA’s other puppet actors like PKK and YPG are also coming up against ISIL. Countries like USA and Germany are trying to open up the Kurdish Corridor by supporting PKK under the name of ending the ISIL. Terrorist organizations, which set schools on fire both in Turkey and Syria, are different puppets that come from the same origin. People who think that they could destroy territorial integrity by ravaging are making a mistake. Corridor plans are now sinking.

The best respond to these puppets would be a collaboration among the countries in the region. Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Palestine and Iraq should act on common grounds. It is also a must to protect every country’s national independence and territorial integrity.

Under the light of these news in Middle East, meeting of the youth who come from all over the world at the International Anti Imperialist Youth Union in Istanbul is meaningful more than ever. The youth will play its role in the matter of nations’ defence against imperialism.

Head Office
Youth Union of Turkey

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